Tandem Skydive

Adventure Skydives offers the ultimate tandem skydive experience with 50 years' collective expertise.
Tandem Skydive

First Skydive? We got you!​

Hey there, welcome to Adventure Skydives, your preferred booking agent for the ultimate skydiving experience at Skydive on The Vaal in the beautiful South African landscape!

Skydive on The Vaal has been a hub for skydiving excitement for over 5 incredible years. What sets us apart is the collective expertise of our team, with an astounding 50 years of combined skydiving experience and a staggering 30,000 jumps under our belts.

We don’t just skydive; we live for skydiving.

Other Skydive Services

Stunts for Movies & TV

Adventure Skydives specializes in producing any required aerial scenes for movies and TV productions.

Skydive Training for Military Personnel

Top-notch global parachute training with unbeatable safety, offered by experienced staff.

Display Jumping

Adventure Skydives offers professional skydivers for product launches, flying the world's largest South African flag.