What is a Tandem Skydive?

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A tandem skydive is a skydive experience where two people jump out of an aircraft together and is the quickest, safest way to enjoy a skydive in South Africa. The student is attached to an experienced skydive tandem master who expertly performs all actions during ascent and the entire descent.

Your tandem master will be a licensed skydiver, who went through some pretty rigorous training, such as making over 1000 jumps and spent at least ten hours in freefall to earn their instructor title.

Our team has over 70,000 jumps between them, making them the best tandem skydive team in Africa!

What happens on the ground?

Your tandem skydiving instructor will provide you with some basic Ground School training before you get in the aircraft. Don’t worry the training won’t be difficult. You will be taken to the aircraft where your instructor will show you the correct body position for skydiving and also go through some basic safety rules with you. After the Ground School, your instructor will get you into your safety harness. We have jump-suits available, and you are welcome to use one, to protect and keep your clothing clean.

Always follow your Tandem Master’s instructions. They are professionals and have done 1000’s of skydives. We have a 100% safety record on tandem skydives.

What happens in the aircraft?

The aircraft is waiting and you are ready to board. Your skydiving instructor will tell you where to sit in the aircraft, this will usually be right in front of your skydiving instructor. The aircraft will then taxi to the end of the runway and prepare for take-off. During the ascent, you can enjoy the spectacular views over the Vaal Dam and enjoy the scenery.

Between 6,000ft and 8,000ft, your instructor will attach you directly onto the parachute that you both will be using and double and triple check all connections, long before the door opens. Once at altitude, which is usually between 10,000ft and 11,000ft the aircraft door will open and the aircraft will slow down slightly. It’s time to skydive!

What happens during free fall?

You are in the door and ready to skydive! Your tandem skydive instructor will do a countdown before exiting the aircraft.

3, 2, 1, Skydive! As you exit the aircraft take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of freedom. Smile, scream, enjoy that feeling. The first thing your instructor will do is deploy the “Drogue”. It is a much smaller parachute that slows down your decent, giving you ample time to enjoy the views and experience.

You will hit speeds of around 300km/h in the first 10sec and when the Drogue opens you will slow down to a comfortable speed of around 200km/h and be in free-fall for roughly 30 seconds, covering almost 2km directly downwards. At 5000ft your tandem skydive instructor will deploy the main parachute.

What happens when the parachute opens?

You have just travelled over 2km in +- 30sec. It’s time for the parachute to open. Your tandem skydive instructor will deploy the parachute and you will feel a slight jerk as your orientation changes from horizontal to vertical. Everything will slow down as your decent rate changes from 220km/h to almost a standstill. After the parachute is open you and your tandem master will be able to talk to each other freely and you can enjoy the spectacular views over the Vaal Dam.

Your tandem instructor will even allow you to steer the parachute during the descent. While you are under the parachute you will have an unprecedented view of the dam and the surroundings. You will spend between 3-5min under the parachute while your tandem skydive instructor expertly guides the parachute back to the ground.

What happens during landing?

It’s time to land. Don’t worry, your tandem skydive instructor has made 1000’s of safe landings. Listen to your tandem skydive instructor as you come in for the landing. They will instruct you to lift your legs as high as possible for a gentle slide landing on your bum. Taking the wind into account, your tandem skydive instructor will approach the landing area and expertly perform the landing. Wind depending, a tip-toe landing is always possible. Always listen to your instructor’s commands to guarantee a safe landing.

What happens after the tandem skydive?

You are safely back on the ground, and smiling from ear to ear. Adrenaline is rushing through you and your heart wants to jump out of your chest. Your tandem skydive instructor will take off your harness and you will be getting high-fives from everyone.

You can now enjoy a cold drink and something to eat at our canteen, chat with the skydivers and maybe even sign up to Learn to Skydive.

Need a place to stay?

If you are looking for a place to stay when you come for your tandem skydive, we recommend Blue Sky Manor. Visit them now.

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